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We have a few different options for subscription levels. You can sign up on a monthly or annual basis. Signing up for the annual subscription is the best bang for your buck!

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What You Get:Basic Level Subscription

$19.99/month or 180/yr
(25% savings)
Hit Big Coaches Subscription

$24.99/month or 240/yr
(20% savings)
Hit Big Pro Edition

$49.99/month or 480/yr
(20% savings)
Complete Drill Library
12 Week Video Guided Hitting Program
Anatomy of the Swing
Adjustability Mini-Course
Two Strike Hitting Mini-Course
Individualization in Team Settings Course
Swing Path Course
Coaching Techniques
Game-Ready Hitting
Pillars of Movement
Versus Series(Good vs. Bad)
Baseball Specific Fitness
Private Coaches Facebook Group X
Private Athletes Facebook Group X X
Monthly Video Analysis X X
Voxer Access Directly to Jordan Stouffer X
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Which option is right for you?

Basic Level Subscription

If you are a hitting enthusiast, coach, player, or parent, there is so much content built for you on this website and video database. If you are looking for a budget option to get access to some of the best coaching tips, techniques, drills, and programming that is built to address the complete hitter, this is a perfect option. You can also upgrade to the Coach or Pro option anytime if you realize you love the content and want some individualized support with professional hitting coach, Jordan Stouffer.

Hit Big Pro Subscription

    Are you a player who is ready to take the next step in your career? Are you a coach who wants to have another set of eyes on players you work with? This option provides the highest level of coaching and support, along with all the access to hours of content and 150+ instructional videos and printable resources. It is a perfect option for hitters and coaches who want:

  • -1:1 support
  • -Video Analysis with Drill Recommendations
  • -Interactive support and direct contact with Jordan Stouffer
  • -to be part of community of other hitters
  • -to find coaching due to lack of access to quality coaching
  • -to breakthrough that next barrier in their baseball career
  • -a blend of both swing and in-game strategy guidance
  • -to help other players or a team of players
  • -to create better hitting practice plans


*Keep in mind this option is limited to 20-25 active subscribers due to limited availability and care and attention for those active Pro subscribers. If you are able to purchase the Pro option through checkout then you are in! Otherwise you will be given the option to be added to the waitlist and will be notified when a HitBig Pro coaching slot is available.

Hit Big-Coaches Edition

    Are you a coach who wants to find better ways to individualize in team settings? Are you a private instructor who wants fresh ideas and better more effective ways to get results and build clientele? This is a great option for those coaches along with coaches who desire:

  • -Discussing topics through a private coaches group
  • -Voxer access to ask questions anytime, anywhere to Jordan Stouffer
  • -Access to 150+ videos and other printable resources